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Utility Assistance

We currently have an Indian Housing Block Grant (IHBG), in collaboration with the American Rescue Plan (ARP) to provide Utility Assistance to eligible households directly or indirectly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Policy and Procedures

  • Enrolled members of Taos Pueblo, non-tribal member spouses, or significant others living within Taos Pueblo or the Taos County may apply.

  • Enrolled Head of Household Tribal members of Taos Pueblo and non-member head of household spouses or significant others with at least one (1) tribal member living within Taos Pueblo and Taos county with at least one (1) tribal members within the Pueblo and/or town limits.

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Home rehabilitation services application

The following information and documents are required when submitting your home rehabilitation services application. Any documents not attached to the application will be considered incomplete and the application will not be processed.


  • Verification of Tribal enrollment at Taos Pueblo for Head of Household: must provide a Tribal ID or official document from the Tribal enrollment office.

  • Social security numbers of ALL household members

  • Proof of all income - recent check stubs, employer statements, prior year tax returns, affidavit of unemployment, or social security benefits award may be used.

  • When requesting home rehabilitation services, provide proof of home ownership along with documents requested above. (This document may be obtained from the Realty office at CMS).

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What is the New Mexico Energy$mart Weatherization Assistance Program?

Weatherization is the nation’s largest residential energy efficiency program.

Weatherization reduces energy costs for low-income Americans by improving the efficiency of their homes.

Weatherization specifically focuses on assisting low-income people – primarily the elderly, persons with disabilities, and families with children.

High energy costs are an excessive burden on low-income Americans. Weatherization alleviates this burden and improves the standard of living for these individuals and families.

How Does Weatherization Work?

Weatherization technician conducts an energy audit on the single-family, multifamily, or mobile home. Diagnostic equipment is used to identify air infiltration, pressure imbalances, and areas of heat loss.

Technicians also evaluate related health and safety conditions, such as carbon monoxide hazards, gas leaks, or moisture problems.

Weatherization crew installs the most cost-effective energy efficiency measures, based on the results of the energy audit.

Throughout the process, Weatherization informs the home’s occupants about the measures being installed, how to maintain the measures, and ways to further reduce energy use.


Reducing energy costs

Increasing financial independence

Addressing health and safety concerns

Improving comfort and indoor air quality

Providing energy efficiency education

* Weatherization crews educate clients in energy efficiency and safety practices.


Taos Pueblo Housing is not affiliated with this or any company associated with this offer.

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