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The Taos Pueblo Housing Authority (TPHA) serves its tribal members living on the Pueblo, as well as, in Taos county. TPHA is your resource regarding anything related to housing matters. Such as: home rehabilitation, rental assistance and utility assistance.

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Emergency Rental Utility Assistance Program (ERUAP)

(YOU MUST BE A RENTER) Eligible households may receive assistance with payment of existing housing related arrears that could result in eviction. Assistance must be provided to reduce rental or utility arrears before the household may receive assistance for future rent or utility payments. Funds will be paid directly to landlords and utility service providers. This program commenced July 13th, 2021 and will expire September 30, 2022.

Click on the link below to download an application or visit our Facebook page, Taos Pueblo Housing Authority 2021, or call the Housing office at (575) 737-9704 to make an appointment to pick up an application. 


Fuel Wood - All of our supply has been distributed and we have no more wood!


ICDBG Cares Utility Assistance

We had an overwhelming response from our community as our $35,000 GRANT FUNDING HAS BEEN EXHAUSTED for 2021. We here at Housing were glad to assist you with your gas/propane, electricity and water/sewer needs.

Stay tuned for any updates in 2022.


Home Rehabilitation Assistance

The Home Rehabilitation program was created to prevent, prepare, and respond to households impacted by COVID-19; for example: to reduce overcrowding in the home due to multi-generational households living conditions by building partitions to allow privacy, and/or improve ventilation to reduce the risks of COVID-19. 

You must be income eligible and have proof of home ownership which can be obtained from the Realty office at CMS.


Mobile Home Program

This program is in its early stages. The roll-out, requirements and application will be announced in the future. Stay tuned for more details when we get closer to completing the project. 

This program will address homelessness, overcrowded, and substandard living conditions at Taos Pueblo.

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The following information and documents are required for the application to be complete. Any documents not attached to the application will be considered incomplete and the application will not be processed.


  • Verification of Tribal enrollment at Taos Pueblo for Head of Household: must provide a Tribal ID or official document from the Tribal enrollment office.

  • Social security numbers of ALL household members

  • Proof of all income - recent check stubs, employer statements, prior year tax returns, affidavit of unemployment, or social security benefits award may be used.

  • If you are applying for rental assistance, a signed rental agreement by the tenant and the landlord is needed.

  • If you are applying for utility assistance, please provide one (1) recent billing invoice from your utility company with the amount due, account number and contact information on the document. No other type of document will be accepted.

  • If requesting home rehabilitation services, provide proof of home ownership along with documents requested above. (This document may be obtained from the Realty office at CMS).

    IMPORTANT: The applicant's name must be listed on any and all documentation you provide the housing authority. Such as: your electric bill, the head of household's name should be listed on the bill.

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Applications will be available by the following means:

  • Applicant downloads an application (see above)

  • Application faxed to applicant

  • Electronic copy emailed to applicant

  • Mailed as requested by applicant

  • Social media, via download from Taos Pueblo Housing Authority 2021 Facebook page

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Applications may be submitted by the following ways:

  • In person (call our office at (575) 737-9704 to set up an appointment): our office location is: 925 Spider Rock Road our office hours are: (Monday-Friday) 8am-5pm. 

  • Fax: TPHA at (575) 737-9664

  • Mail: Submit a completed application and COPIES (NO ORIGINALS) of your supporting documents to: TPHA, PO Box 2570, Taos, NM 87571

  • After hours: There is a secure drop box at the entrance of TPHA.

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For your information

Applications will be processed in the order they are received.

Only one application per household is allowed.

An application is not a guarantee of assistance.

Approved applicants will be notified by mail.

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Contact Us:

Business Hours

Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm

Office: (575) 737-9704

Fax: (575) 737-9664

P.O. Box 2570

925 Spider Rock Road

Taos, NM 87571

All federal holidays, as well as, tribal holidays and CMS closures will be observed.

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